Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, I had high hopes and it fell short. Although, I may give it another chance at some time. Here was the problems. First, I should have made more onion. The burger wasn't covered in onion like it should have been. My second problem is that we have been grilling on a little hibachi. We have a gas grill but it is currently dismantled because it was starting to go to grill heaven. We need to either fix the gas grill or buy a new one. The Burgers tasted too much like charcoal and lighter fluid. My wonderful grilling husband told me that that can be fixed with just a little less charcoal and letting the coals burn longer. Cool, but I want a gas grill. When I want to taste the flavor of BBQ sauce and sauteed onions and all I can taste is charcoal then it should have been done on a gas grill. Nuff said on last night. Tonight's dinner has not exactly been figured out. I am thinking about pork chops and a recipe that I found on the web that uses cheese to give it a yummy crust. I will let you know how it works out for me. Just thinking about it make it excited. Love trying new recipes!

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