Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Food from the Heart

I have been in hiatus for a few weeks but I am back. My twin boys were diagnosed with a rare syndrome and were spent two weeks in the hospital going though many tests and eventually they both had a major surgery to release pressure from their spinal cord. When we finally were home it was so busy we didn't have time to think about anything least of all food. That is where all the wonderful supporters come in. There is nothing better then when you are sick, have had a surgery, even had a baby and people bring you home cooked meals. I think the food tastes even better when it come from the heart. It doesn't matter what the food it. Could be lasagna, a casserole, or salad. All that matters is that person or people love you and want to do what they can for you. So with that said I have not made a meal in a couple of days. But I do have to get a recipe to share with you. My sister in law brought us dinner last night and included was a bean salad of her aunts recipe. I will get that recipe and share it with you. It was great. Not your usual vinegar dressing three bean salad. I will leave it at that and keep you taste buds guessing.

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  1. I hope your babies are okay! I look forward to the recipe you'll be sharing soon! Just take it easy!


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