Saturday, February 12, 2011

I need me a CBC

The other day while my in laws were here from North Carolina my husband and I took advantage and went out for lunch. We went to T-Bones restaurant, a place neither of us had been in ages. Of course it takes us ages to get out alone anyway. We sat at the bar like we always do when we go out together. Not sure if it's because we hate to wait for a table or if we just feel better being closer to the alcohol. So, I was browsing though the menu when I saw this sandwich called the CBC, a T-Bone's specialty. I had never had it but my husband had. He said it's awesome and BIG. OK so how big could it be? Not only was I having this sandwich but I also ordered soup. He told me I would never finish this sandwich. Then he points across the bar. There were 2 guys across the bar also having the CBC. Ok, they are good size. Then it comes. A chicken breast fried like there was a southern women in the back cooking. Cheddar cheese covered the breast and on top two slices of bacon. Chicken bacon cheddar , CBC. I looked at it and said I can do this. I took one bite and I was in heaven. I had never had chicken so juicy in my life. The fried crust was crisp. On the side was served this "special sauce" to put on the sandwich, kinda spicy, just a little zing. Of course added was lettuce and tomato. My eyes said I could do it but my tummy said are you crazy. I finished half of it. My husband then proceed to finish it and thinking he made the wrong choice going with the steak tips. He too could not take the last bite.

Now that I have your mouth watering wondering where the closest T-Bones it to you, sorry I think it may only be a New Hampshire thing. A few days later I too was still salivating for a CBC. I had taken out chicken breasts for dinner not with a sandwich in mind. When asked what we were going to do for dinner. I said man I could go for a CBC. My husband and I looked at each other and then looked at the chicken breast. Sure, how hard could it be to try to reproduce this great sandwich? Well I knew from the start I was never going to get the chicken that juicy and I had never made fired chicken like a southern women. I looked at my what I had in stock. I had some Bisquick. I could make some fired chicken with that, but I'm not going to fry it oil, I am going to bake it. Make it a little bit more healthy. So I egged the chicken first then added it to the dry Bisquick and drizzled some melted butter on top and baked it for about 45 minutes at 375. I did not have any bacon :( but did have cheddar cheese. So it was my CC instead of CBC. I even attempted to make the "special sauce". I mixed 50/50 mayo and chili sauce. I then added about a teaspoon of paprika and cayenne powder to give it a bit more zing. A little lettuce, tomato, and toasted bun. OK, I almost burned the buns. I'm a good one for waiting just a tad bit too long with the broiler and toasting rolls.

Even though it really wasn't a CBC from T-Bones it was still good. Even my husband  said it was good and my special sauce was close. Sorry this isn't the best picture. The sandwich wasn't very photogenic. I think I am going to try and perfect this a bit more and maybe find a good southern fried chicken recipe to use.

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